The standalone device
for comfortable mooring

An ingenious

The self-sufficient system consists of a pneumatic system and a photovoltaic unit.

The air line runs from the control box to the mooring line, with an air cushion at the end of the air line affixed to the mooring line.

control box

air line

air cushion

remote control

Quick and easy


COMFORT MOORING is activated via remote control. Following activation, the mooring line is carried over the surface of the water in just a few seconds.

Before the boat is put down the mooring line is sunk through vacuum as usual.

Quick and easy 


This system convinces by simplest installation:
In just a few steps and without further requirements COMFORT MOORING is assembled within a very short time.

Your advantages with comfort mooring

Avoid risk of injury

There is a risk of injury when handling the mooring line due to sharp-edged shells that may cling to the line.

No need to get your hands dirty

Recovering and belaying the mooring line inevitably means that both the boat and your hands get dirty.

Protect your boat from damages

When mooring or casting off there is a risk that the pilot line will be drawn into the propeller shaft and foul it.

Save considerable time

Valuable time is often wasted between mooring at the stern, heaving and belaying at the bow, especially with larger boats and yachts.